commercial inspectionBorn in Galveston, Texas, on the island. Dad worked in construction, so it led us to Monterey, Mexico for several years. Guess that’s why Mexican food is my comfort food. Returned to Texas to LaMarque and then to Alvin, where I went to high school and enlisted in the army. The second year of being in the army I married my sweetheart from highschool. Stationed in Germany my wife and I were able to do very limited touring, so now we are planning to do some traveling. Upon my honorable discharge from the army we came back to the Texas Hill Country. We were able to live on a cattle ranch for our first couple of years back. Keep in mind I am not the cowboy, but paying no rent was great. Our first daughter showed up in ’87, while we were living in Kerrville. Moving back to the gulf coast area in ’91 allowed me to secure a more stable income. Our second daughter showed up in ’92 and shocked us with a full head of black hair. Wissner babies all have blonde hair. It wasn’t long before the real Wissner showed up and her hair changed to blonde.

Our oldest went to college in Marshall, Tx, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in psychology. The youngest is graduating from high school this year and going to Blinn in the fall. My wife and I will be celebrating our 30th anniversary this year. Planning on doing something special for her, but not sure what yet. Maybe a new wedding ring, with a real stone in it not just a chip.

Recently I found out about some benefits from the Veterans Administration, which is allowing me to go to college for the first time. Wow now I know why the kids never have time to do anything, it’s tough. My memory ain’t what it used to be, not that it was ever any good. There not enough hours in the day for me to remember all that is required. The funny thing is I am really enjoying school. How come I didn’t like it this much 30 years ago?


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