Pearland Home Inspection

About Lou Wissner & All Coast Home Inspections


I was born in Galveston, Tx and except while I was in the U.S.Army have lived in Texas my entire life. I have been married to my soul mate for the past 30 years, the best years of my life. We have two healthy wonderful daugthers, one is 18 and the other is 24. My wife and I are coming into the next part of our lives, with no kids. A little play time is in order for us until the grandkids start to show up. Being a disabled veteran I have recently found out that I am eligible for certain benefits that allow me to get a college education. College at 52 is tough, but I am really enjoying it. I have been involved in student ministry for over 15yrs, so the education I am seeking is to be able to better help students with everday issues. I enjoy kayak fishing, though I am not so good at the fishing part. My wife and I like kayaking down the rivers as well as the coastal lakes and bays. It is my goal to one day be able to kayak fish the Panama Canal. Home inspection became an interest of mine when buying our first house. The inspector did a really poor job, failed to disclose important information and was really dishonest. It was then that I decided to persue the career of being a Professional Home Inspector, as well as a Commercial Building Inspector. I feel it is my job to tell the story that the property is telling, be it good or bad. It is my job and responsibility to be honest and a man of integrity. I have continued with this attitude of service throughout my career, informing them and making suggestions as to needed repairs.

  • Licensed Texas Professional Real Estate Inspector (#7492)
  • FHA/HUD inspector (# V762)
  • Previously licensed by the Texas Structural Pest Control Board
  • Qualified FEMA Disaster Inspector (#22555)
  • Certified by Texas Residential Construction Commission(TRCC)
  • Mortage and banking institution draw inspections.
  • Real Estate Inspection Instructor for Alvin Community College
  • Triples yearly continuing education requirements each

If you are buying a home, new or previously owned. You are about to become that rare individual, an educated and well informed home inspection consumer, confident that you’re making the right decision.  It is my desire to provide you with the all the facts. To allow you make an informed decision about your upcoming purchase. I do this by only performing 1 to 2 home inspections a day. This allows me the opportunity to spend as much time as necessary to perform your home inspection. I then provide you with an easy to read computer generated report with lots of digital pictures. Which can be email, faxed or hand delivered normally within 24 hours.


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